sábado, 10 de maio de 2014

On the spur of the moment

My mother has wanted a donkey for…years.

She lived in Malawi a while ago, and when she would travel by car and meet donkeys on the road, she would look longingly at them, as they baked stoically in the East African sun.

On her bookshelves, amongst her many volumes, one can find The Wisdom of Donkeys, by Andy Merrifield, and on a coffee table a book of pictures of donkeys, a photography project by Oliviero Toscani. To top all this off, on her bedside table she has a stuffed toy donkey, a reminder of a live one I adopted for her as a Christmas present one year.

So, last weekend we went to the animal fair in Lamego, and she just bought one. Well, in fact, she bought two: a mother and a two-month old female foal. The mother has been named Cinza, the daughter Nubia, perhaps.

A dream come true if ever there was one.

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sao disse...

Que bonito, Eva! Só agora vi, muito obrigada. A Nubia está a crescer muito depressa e precisa de ser treinada.

How lovely, Eva! Thank you very much. Nubia is growing very quickly, it will be bigger than her mother and not so placid and I do not now, yet, how to train her.