domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Maio é o mês das flores

If April can be the cruelest month May can turn into the kindest. Eva joined me at Fundo de Vila for the weekend, at times sunny, at times stormy. The light of this evening is mixed and the greens of the new leaves are fresh and soft. All the usual signs of Spring, birds chirping, plants flowering, snakes coming out of holes in the walls and the vines developing at an accelerated rate and throwing tendrils to the wire and each other.

We have been doing some Spring cleaning in Casa da Eva, getting it ready for the Summer. Chris started it last weekend and was disappointed to have to leave the job unfinished. And through all of last week Zé do Convento and Marco were working solid on turning a centenary "lagar" into a refreshing pool for the very hot days of Summer.

The main event of the month is still to happen: the bottling of Terrus 2008! That is planned for tomorrow and will be a full day. I should also mention that the night of my arrival this time, Luna, our Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, produced a delightful litter of 9 puppies, 7 of which survived and are thriving. Any good homes?

Our to do list is quite long. To keep calm Eva is knitting and I am smoking. And the airports are closed again. So I may have to stay on or may decide to drive to France and take the train from there. Whatever will be, will be, che sera sera!!!

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Catia disse...

Hi Sao,
Congratulations are in order, the puppies look so cute. Please let me know when u are thinking of changing vintages on the Terrus, I am submitting the 06 vintage. I will keep in touch.catia