segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009


I am back home from 4 extraordinary days at the EUROPEAN WINE BLOGGERS CONFERENCE 2009. I feel almost like a blogger!!!
I do not have a single photo (big mistake) but my head is full of the faces present. Many thanks to the organizers, sponsors, participants.

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Per and Britt disse...


I wanted to send you an email, but the email that you gave me does not work - or I can't read your handwriting properly.

Anyway, I wanted to say that it was a great pleasure to meet you. You certainly made the long drive up to Douro much more enjoyable! ;-)

If you send me an email at info at bkwine dot com I will get your correct email!

All the best,

ryan disse...

Glad you made it and I wish we had had more time to talk. Next time I make it to Lisbon though hopefully I can find a way to say hi!!! Happy holidays!

Per and Britt disse...

Still don't know your email, so, to let you know I have to leave a message here:

I've published a video that includes (part of) the interview I did with you at the #EWBC. It's here: